If there is something that many men are waiting for is the weekend (or, sometimes, not even that) to be able to have a beer and enjoy the moment of rest. And for the happiness of many, science is slowly proving that drinking can, yes, better help the male sexual performance, contrary to what was thought.

Here are 5 reasons why beer improves men’s sexual performance (and, in some cases, women’s):

1) It makes intercourse last longer.


Premature ejaculation is usually caused by anxiety and stress. Drinking a beer or two can help you relax, and take some of your tension off. In addition, the phytoestrogens present in the beverage may help to delay ejaculation.

2) Dark beer helps you get behind the weather.



Often overlooked, the dark drink has something the common does not have: more iron. The element helps increase the circulation of redder blood cells, which increases arousal and causes more frequent erections.

3) It is healthy for the heart and increases endurance.


Studies show that drinking a pint of beer per day decreases the chances of developing heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease.

And if you combine beer with exercise, it will not only make your heart stronger, but it will also increase your stamina, which will make your sexual relationship last longer. This item, of course, holds true in both sexes.


4) Guinness beer, in particular, has antioxidants.

Guinness beer
Guinness beer


The famous Irish dark beer has antioxidants that help clear the circulatory system. By doing this, the blood vessels and capillaries that irrigate the penis will work in a healthier way.

5) Increases your sexual desire


There are beers developed just to increase the sexual appetite, which holds true for both sexes. One of them is the Fifty Shades of Green, based upon the book 50 Shades of Gray.

It has 50 assorted ingredients, such as Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Damiana, which help improve sexual performance.





In search of a better look and a healthier life, many people resort to weight loss. The practice ranges from physical exercises, diets, even surgeries. But do you know the biggest curiosities about practicing losing weight?

See the coolest facts about weight loss

The chewing diet
During the 19th century, a diet called “Fletcherism” became popular. Introduced by the American Horace Fletcher (“The Great Chewer”), the diet prompted chewing a lot of food at least 32 times, or until they turned into liquid. He argued that his method of eating could help people avoid diseases and lose weight.
Even the King of Rock had his diet.
Elvis Presley was a famous fan of the “Sleep Beauty Diet,” or a diet where a person is sedated for days. The rationale behind the diet was that a sleeping person could not eat.

Better brain activity
Losing weight alters brain activity. For example, after following a weight-loss program for 6 months, women achieved better memory test results. The research also linked obesity to poor memory, especially in obese, pear-shaped women.

And so, they are replaced.
Fat cell lives for about 7 years. When a fat cell dies, a new one grows to replace it. The body keeps track of how many fat cells it has, as well as the amount of fat in each cell. If fat cells are removed by liposuction, for example, the body compensates by growing new fat cells in other areas of the body.

The danger of inflammation
Obesity has been linked to several types of cancer. Specifically, being overweight cause’s inflammation that causes cellular changes in the body. However, only by losing 5% of your body weight can significantly reduce the dangerous levels of inflammation.

Weight Management
Weight Management


No organization
According to a University of Minnesota study, people in disorganized work spaces are more likely to choose healthy snacks.

The Effects of Bariatric Surgery
After bariatric surgery, approximately 87% of patients said their taste buds had changed. Almost half of them said that the food did not taste so good, so they did not eat as much. In addition, people had less preference for salty foods.

Good-bye arthritis
Losing weight can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Moderate amounts of chocolate
A recent study found that eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts is associated with lower levels of abdominal fat. Scientists speculate that antioxidants can help fight inflammation and improve metabolic functioning.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables

The 100 types of fat
Scientists believe there are up to 100 different types of “fat genes,” or genes that increase the likelihood of someone developing type 2 diabetes and becoming obese. However, scientists note that genes that promote obesity can be offset by regular exercise and a healthy diet.

There is no better aid.
In the first half of the 20th century, cigarette manufacturers regularly promoted their products as a weight-loss aid.

Studies in twins
Studies conducted on twins reveal that fat cells in a heavier twin underwent metabolic changes, which made it more difficult for it to burn fat. Even earning as little as 11 pounds slows down a person’s metabolism – which, in turn, leads to even more weight gains.

Be more “relax”
Stress can make it difficult to lose weight. Stress hormones can also increase fat storage. In addition to physical exercise, relaxation techniques can help control weight.

Get out of bed and go to sleep.
Sleep deprivation can make it harder to lose weight. Inadequate sleep disrupts a person’s hormonal balance, which lowers leptin (a hormone that makes a person feel full) and increase Ghrelin (which triggers hunger). Scientists argue that getting enough sleep is the cheapest and easiest obesity medicine, there is.

For what books?
Amidst many hundreds of diet books are really just four basic rules for weight loss: 1) eat carbs in the form of whole grains or fibers, 2) avoid trans and saturated fats, 3) eat lean protein and 4) eat Lots of fruits and vegetables.
If you have a change of mood and depression, you already know.
While weight loss pills can help a person to lose weight temporarily. They can cause other negative side effects, such as severe mood swings and depression.

That good time
Researchers note that having sex within a healthy relationship can help with weight loss, although it should not replace daily training. On average, sex burns 150-250 calories for half an hour and helps lessen stress.

That good time
Researchers note that having sex within a healthy relationship can help with weight loss, although it should not replace daily training. On average, sex burns 150-250 calories for half an hour and helps lessen stress.
Time to change the dishes
According to one study, using red dishes helps people eat less. Researchers believe that red color is associated with stopping and maintaining caution, which subconsciously encourages people to be more aware of what they are eating and how often.
Time to buy food
According to Obesity magazine, paying for meals with cash increases the likelihood of someone buying healthier food.
Some people have been wrong.
Research shows that consuming artificial sweeteners actually promote a weight gains. After just one week of intake of artificial sweeteners, healthy subjects had symptoms of glucose intolerance and a change in intestinal bacteria.
That cold little sleep
The temperature in a person’s room can help boost weight-loss efforts. According to the National Institute of Health Clinical Center, people who slept in a room at 18 ° C burned 7% of calories during sleep than those who slept in a warmer room. The colder sleepers burned more calories probably because their bodies were working harder to maintain a stable body temperature of 37 °.

Eat cake in a nice way
According to Appetite magazine, people who said that eating cake makes them feel guilty were less successful at losing weight. While the people who ate cake in a nice way were more successful.
Forget the elevator
Sitting at a table burns 83 calories per hour. Being on a table for a long time burns 115 calories per hour. Picking up an elevator burns 128 calories per hour. Use the stairs to burn 509.

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Flu Escape Plan

Flu Escape Plan

If you have not taken the flu vaccine, then you may want to read our article. As Influenza viruses are everywhere, we tell you what to do so your paths will never cross.

At home

Basic, simple rule for the whole family to comply with: when you get home, after taking off and undressing ‘street clothes’, you should wash your hands with soap and water. This remains the most effective way to prevent microbes that are harmful to our health from spreading (in and out of the house).

If someone gets sick at home, they should ‘isolate’ the area of contamination and avoid contacting with other family members, share towels, dishes, cutlery, toys. Influenza viruses can survive for 24 to 48 hours on metal and plastic surfaces and about 12 hours on tissues.

Always wash your hands with soap and water whenever you cook or clean the dishes in the cupboards.

Sleeping at recommended times and eating healthily (zinc-rich foods, for example – shellfish and vitamin C help fight infections) are also weapons that strengthen our immunity.


Flu Escape PlanFlu Escape Plan

In public places

You have to worry especially about the closed places, where many people circulate, such as commercial centers (crowded at this time of year) and public transport. Be careful where you put your hands (do not take them to your face) and the sneezing and coughing around you. Do like the Japanese, use mask to minimize the risk of contagion. Be careful with handshakes because the habit of sneezing or coughing inside the elbow has not caught on and what most do is cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough … by hand. Multibanks are also a breeding ground for microbes, not to mention money.

In supermarkets

Did you know that supermarket trolleys, and baskets are dirtier than many bathrooms? A study done in the USA showed that they may have, in addition to influenza viruses, salmonella bacteria, E. coli and even … fecal bacteria. This has made many supermarkets put disinfectant products at the disposal of their customers. The next time you go shopping, take an antibacterial spray or a disinfectant wipes to help get rid of unwanted germs.


Reduced care in the lounges of the airports and airplanes, especially with the trays, support to the arms, and bags where the magazines are kept. Carrying disinfectant wipes to clean your space may be a good idea, and you even have to wash your hands before mealtime. Remember that influenza viruses remain active 24 to 48 hours on metal and plastic surfaces and up to 12 hours on tissues.

In the pediatrician’s office

It is not by chance that many people say that they go into the hospital or health center with a health problem and leave with two. In the colder months during the year, there are probably more viruses per square meter. Do not be ashamed to wear a mask, and if you go to a pediatric office remember that the toys that are there have been handled by countless children. Take your favorite stuffed animal home (and then wash it in the machine). Take your pen (in case you fill something) and also your magazine ACTIVA so you do not have to get close to the pile that is in the office.

At work

Attention to door knobs, keyboards, the microwave, the coffee machine … and the tons of germs there. Whenever you leave the toilet, do not touch the handle without protecting your hands on a piece of paper.

In the gym

Doing exercise strengthens the immune system, but beware: if your gym does not give you a towel you should bring it from home to put it on the devices, you have to play. To clean sweat use another, so there is no transfer of the microbes from the towel to your face … which is the half way to get sick. Ever try to use tennis players’ wrists to wipe away sweat? And remember to drink lots of fluids. Bring a bottle of the house, do not fill the water dispenser because there is someone who touches the bottleneck of the bottle of the water, and guesses where the germs are from the mouths of other people.



The planet as a whole, the world to discover, a nature a pulsar. As a land spins, there is a new way of life to flourish, focused on naturalness. The balance is at the center of gravity and around green values such as sustainability, a link between body and mind, healthy eating, high-quality organic products. This is not a fad. Represent a new lifestyle that is revolutionizing a mass life. For better Much better


Products with natural ingredients are often associated with a high-performance, sensory experience. A transparency in the act of production is valued, making clear who produced it, under what circumstances and what its actual composition. In addition, they tend to symbolize a unique and almost special experience. And if you feel good when buying natural products, I will want these articles to invade all as your routines, transversely.

A natural revolution

Inspired by this emerging lifestyle and also because it wants to leave a positive footprint in the world, beauty wants to become more and more natural. It embraces the commitment to detoxify your body, bringing to your rituals the naturalness that lives in the plants. The naturalness and the power that comes from the earth. The brightness added by the geranium oil. The nutritional power of saffron. The fortifying properties of coriander. The disciplining force of camelina oil.

The trend of natural and organic products is coming and will dominate the beauty products and skin care and hair, respecting you more and more. Respecting the earth, more and more.

Almost everything, the earth gives us, cleanly and naturally. She just hopes that we will decide to join her.

Solve 5 hair problems in summer.

Solve 7 hair problems in summer.

If there is a post-vacation regret, your hair knows what it is: leaving the care with the wires aside and just remembering them on the way, home brings a lot of problems. Greenish tonality, dryness, dandruff and even hair losses are some of the effects brought about by inattention to beauty. The salt and sand on the beach, besides the chlorine in the swimming pool and the most frequent washes do away with the wires. If you are looking for a recipe to reverse the havoc of days away from home, take advantage of tips from hairdressers and dermatologists and enjoy yourself without a crisis the rest of the season.

Solve 7 hair problems in summer
Solve 7 hair problems in summer

Green Hair

The greenish appearance of the strands is typical of those who spend their summer in the pool. The risk increases even more when the hair is dry – more porous, it absorbs the chemicals present in the water. Maria Aldenir from Nuance Beauty Salon recommends shampoos and conditioners with violet pigment that neutralize the greenish and protect the wires from oxidation. “It is also important to make hydrations every ten days, to mitigate the effect,” he says. And abandon the idea of dying your hair to hide the green. “The dye does not remove the chemicals that have damaged the hair. It will only dry out even more. Hydration remains the best solution.”

A tip from the colorist Juha Antero, from MG Hair Salon, in São Paulo, is to wet his hair in the shower just before entering the pool, without applying any type of product. “That way, your hair will already be saturated with water when you enter the pool, reducing the absorption of water and chlorine and making the effects less harmful.”

Solve 7 hair problems in summer
Solve 7 hair problems in summer

Scalp burned

Just like the skin, the scalp suffers from sun exposure and becomes red, sore and may even peel. Although it is more common in bald people, the incident also happens with those who have very little hair or very thin strands. The dermatologist Cristiane Dal Magro, of the Renova Clinic, reinforces the need for hats or caps, as well as capillary products with sunscreen. “If the skin is already damaged and peeling, products based on calamine, a soothing and refreshing substance can be used,” he says. In more severe cases, with very intense redness or blistering, the best thing to do is to seek a dermatologist.

Waste sand, salt and chlorine

You’ve probably had trouble combing your hair after spending a lot of time on the sea or in the pool. This is because the wires absorb the typical waste of summer – such as pool chlorine, beach sand and sea salt.

Before anything else, you need to wash your hair with fresh water as soon as you get out of the water, taking as much waste out and leaving the lavage during the bath easier – you can take a bottle of fresh water from the house for this or use the shower’s community policies.

According to the hairdresser Maria Aldenir, the anti-solid shampoo is indicated for weekly use in these cases. “You can also use a specific post-sun shampoo, which eliminates chlorine and sodium chloride residues, balances the hair’s natural pH and protects the color and lightness of the hair,” says the hairdresser. It approves the daily use with the product.

Solve 7 hair problems in summer
Solve 7 hair problems in summer

Dry hair

Although the sea water also leaves the wires dry, the pool is the biggest cause of this effect, because of the chemistry used for the treatment of water. Constant contact with chlorine and other compounds in the pool weakens the hair, leaving them dry and even brittle.

Dermatologist Carolina Ferolla of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology says that the ideal hair protection is to hydrate with silicone-based products before the season into the pool, forming a film that protects the hair against chlorine damage.

“The use of leave-in, with UV factor and active moisturizing, prevents hair dryness during the summer,” says hairdresser Maria Aldenir. However, if they are already dry, make a weekly moisturizing program in the salon or at home and apply non-rinse cream after bathing.


Sweating increases during the summer and with it may appear seborrhea and dandruff. Hair damp for longer and waste products left in the threads also contribute – a lot! – for that table. According to Maria Aldenir, good hygiene prevents and helps in treatment. “Exfoliation of the scalp and massage with ampoules of vitamins, which renew and strengthen the region, eliminates dandruff, redness and itching,” says the hairdresser.

She also says that these treatments return the natural defenses of the strands and strengthen the hair bulb, avoiding the fall. Just avoid doing it at home, at the risk of further damaging your hair – talk to your hairdresser and visit a dermatologist if the problem persists.


Breaking yarns

The hair loses its structure when it is wet, making the wires more malleable. “This is why binding the wet wires ends up marking the region where the elastic band or the bandage passes. If this happens several times in the same place, the hair tends to break,” says the hairdresser. Another negative effect of holding on to damp hair is lacked of glow – when they get stuck dry, they look dull, lifeless. Furthermore, avoid locking the hair right after the brush – it is over-extended and may break more easily.


Wind, heat and humidity are common summer situations and are the biggest cause of frizz, especially in curly or curly hair. Maria Aldenir says that the recipe to avoid this drama is simple: keep the wires hydrated and do not let go of the leave-in, which protects the hair against sun damage and moisture.