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    100 cc with Track Wood vinegar for protect Termite ants and flies 100 no Track or with Track

    100 cc with Track Wood vinegar for protect Termite ants and flies 100 no Track or with Track
















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    100 cc with Track Wood vinegar for protect Termite ants and flies 100 no Track or with Track

    Wood vinegar Smoke from burning wood is carbon in the charcoal until it cools condensation.
    Then condensation water The liquid is called Wood vinegar burning smell components, mainly acetic acid.
    With low acidity A brown-red Remove wood vinegar was left in a plastic container for about three months.
    In the shade without vibration to microorganisms that have precipitated and separated into three classes of light oil (floating surface).
    Vinegar, oil, wood and tar (Precipitation below) split wood vinegar to use.
    Uses and wood vinegar utilized.
    Wood vinegar contains many compounds when applied to agriculture, to qualify as a soil amendment. Pesticide Plant And compounds to accelerate the growth of plants Additionally, with wood vinegar.
    Utilized in industries such as the production of deodorant. Production Glides Production of drugs for the treatment of skin diseases and so on.
    The wood vinegar is highly acidic. So before you apply should be diluted to the optimum condition.
    With the purpose of use as follows.
    1: 20 (water 20 feet) into the ground spraying to kill microorganisms and insects in the soil is not helpful.
    This should be done 10 days before planting.
    1: 50 (water 50 feet) into the ground spraying to kill microbes that destroy crops. If the concentration is.
    Plant roots may be dangerous.
    1: 100 (Mix 100 times) topped tree root rot and fungal diseases and insects lay eggs.
    1: 200 (Mix 200) sprayed leaves the ground around the plant every 7-15 days to repel insects.
    Mold prevention And upon the base of the tree in order to accelerate growth.
    1: 500 (Mix 500 times) throws the light after the 15-day extension to give up, and sprayed again.
    20 days before harvest to increase the sugar in the fruit.
    1: 1000 (water 1,000 times) leaves because chemical substances can act better in the solution.
    The acid Enhancing the efficiency of the chemicals to reduce chemical use by more than half.
    The color of the wood vinegar mixed in various ratios.
    Importing wood vinegar To the other side
    In addition to applying to the agriculture and livestock husbandry. Wood vinegar can also be applied to other aspects as well.
    1. concentration of 100 percent fresh wounds. Wound hot water Treatment of foot and fungal skin.
    2. Wood vinegar mixed with water and topped 20 times the wire breaking and ants.
    3. wood vinegar mixed with water 50 times more protective ants, centipedes, scorpions and other animals such.
    4. Wood vinegar mixed with water and sprayed 100 times the trash to prevent odors and flies. Use deodorant in the bathroom and kitchen.
    Wet area caution in Use wood vinegar
    1. Before wood vinegar to use to leave the quarantine before at least three months.
    2. The wood vinegar is highly acidic. Be careful with the eyes can cause blindness.
    3. Wood vinegar is not a fertilizer, but a catalyst. Therefore, the adoption of agriculture will be enhanced.
    To crops, but you can not replace fertilizer.
    4. The use to kill microorganisms and insects in the soil. Before planting should be done at least 10 days.
    5. The introduction of wood vinegar mixed with water to be diluted as appropriate to apply.
    6. spraying wood vinegar. The flowering fruit Spray before bloom. If spraying after flowering, insects do not.
    The pollination because the pungent smell of wood vinegar and flowers will fall easily.
    The incinerator 200 liters
    The incinerator 200 liter high-efficiency furnace. This residential furnaces, heat moisture in the wood.
    Available in oven Wood becomes charcoal, called carbonization process applications.
    This structure makes it possible to close the air control. There is no ignition of the wood. The yield
    The quality charcoal Less ash and charcoal by-product of the process. Another is Wood vinegar can
    Utilized in agriculture.
    Bringing wood into charcoal stove
    1. To lead the wood charcoal. A separate group
      According to the diameter of the timber is three groups.
                   - Small
        - Medium
        - Large
    2. Order a small timber at the bottom of the furnace.
    Big top The cover long sleepers
    30-40 cm To sort this wood is very important.
    The temperature in the oven While coal is not the same
    The temperature of the furnace is low.
    The temperature at the top of the oven is higher.
    The process of burning charcoal
    During the first moisture or heat.
    Stove fire started The area in front of the stove Put fuel into the furnace to provide heat dissipation and cooling the air.
    Humidity in the furnace and wood. The smoke from the chimney is white. Smoke smell is.
    Mehta acid type smell of textiles in the wood. The temperature at the mouth of the chimney for about 70 - 75 degrees Celsius.
    The temperature inside the furnace to about 150 degrees Celsius, the fuel anyway. Sia straight chimney smoke that is rising.
    The temperature at the mouth of the chimney approximately 70-75 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the oven.
      200-250 ° C, acrid smoke smell.
    The second reaction, when wood becomes charcoal or relief from the heat.
    When burned for some time White smoke began to thin. And turns gray The temperature at the mouth of the chimney
    About 80-85 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the oven at 300-400 ° C in a wood stove.
    It is heat accumulated enough to keep the temperature in the oven to rise during this gradual entry.
    The fuel feed to the front burner fuel stop. And start collecting wood vinegar. After stopping the fuel feed
    Cook to control the climate by dimming the ovens or barbecue area down to the barbecue area.
    20-30 cm For air To maintain the temperature in the oven as long as possible.
    And extend the storage time of wood vinegar as long as possible. By the right to collect wood vinegar should have a temperature.
    The mouth of the chimney approximately 85-120 degrees Celsius due to the material in the timber is ejected.
    The smoke turns from gray smoke into the blue. So stop collecting wood vinegar. The temperature at the mouth of the chimney
    100-200 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the oven for about 400-450 degrees Celsius.
    During the third period for charcoal purification.
    This step is to replace the wood is burned. To make rapid temperature increases By opening the front burner
    In approximately one third of the oven for about 30 minutes when the smoke is blue sky indicates that the sound from the battery is running low.
    The lighter blue smoke and it becomes clear the smoke. When the smoke began to clear off the front burner. Using clay off the leak.
    Seamless and then close the flue tightly and caulk all. Do not let the outside air through.
    During the fourth period to make charcoal in the barbecue to cool down.
    Grader out the back burner on the stove. For cooling in the furnace Then leave it for one night.
    Or about 8 hours at least. To extinguished charcoal Preheat then start to bring charcoal from the hearth. And put to further use.









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    100 cc with Track Wood vinegar for protect Termite ants and flies 100 no Track or with Track

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