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    6X Revive Thickening Hair Serum Energizing Scalp Serum 30 ml Hair Loss

    6X Revive Thickening Hair Serum Energizing Scalp Serum 30 ml Hair Loss
















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    6X Revive Thickening Hair Serum Energizing Scalp Serum 30 ml Hair Loss

    Revive Thickening Hair Serum Energizing Scalp Serum (30 ml) Hair Loss 

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    Size: 30 ml.

    Nourishment for thicker, fuller, healthier, and faster growing hair
    (To ensure the most effective result, recommend using together with Revive Energizing Scalp Serum for the fuller, thicker and healthier hair. 
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    Thai FDA : 1016010031748   ,  Revive - Thickening Hair Serum 30ml./bottle

    Hair helps preserve scalp moisture, protect against dust, smoke, sunlight, and pollution around the clock. It gets damaged by chemicals from washing, dying, straightening, curling, and hair styling products. Heat from frequent drying makes the hair weak, brittle, and break. Hair loss can be caused by many things such as genetics, in both men and women, or abnormal hormones. Patchy hair loss can be caused by problems with the immune system, malnutrition or lack of minerals. Stress, chronic illness, and medication can also lead to hair loss. Treating these problems usually involve entering a program with hair care institutes that are both time consuming and costly.

    REVIVE Thickening Hair Serum is a scalp detox and hair nourishing serum that combines powerful detoxifying agents that nourish the hair from damages caused by pollution, dust, smoke, and sunlight. Black Pearl Extract (Tahiti Black Pearl) helps add spring and volume to the hair. Softness and moisture is added by Black Caviar and Black Truffle. Loquat Leaf Extract from Japan increases hair size, making it thicker, stronger, and prevents hair loss. Root Biotech HW is an extract from basil hairy root culture that helps decrease breakage and hair loss. This is combined with Procapilâ„¢ technology from France to reduce hair loss and Inoveol ® EGCG a Green Tea Leaf Extract patented by France’s LibraGen Research Institute. Simply apply to scalp and hair without rinsing. When used continuously, over 50% of users have thicker hair within 4 weeks*.

    Research on Loquat leaf extract in increasing hair volume > see details in product photo upper
    Research on Procapil â„¢ in hair growth > see details in product photo upper

    Apply once a day onto your clean scalp. Push the button on top of the dropper to get the right amount for your scalp. 
    Place the tip near the part of your scalp you want to treat and gradually release the serum. 
    To prevent the serum from running off the scalp, Apply a small amount at a time.
    To ensure the most effective result, recommend using together with Revive Energizing Scalp Serum for the fuller, thicker and healthier hair.

    Ingredients (you can see picture of ingredients in product image upper) 
    * Loquat Leaf Extract
    This Japanese well-known traditional herbal medicine offers the total solution of hair loss and hair thinning. It also helps thickening and magnifying hair.

    * Procapilâ„¢
    The best known vitamin that contains Biotinyl- GHK, extracted from citrus and olive tree leaves helps actively fight against hair loss and strengthens keratin for ultimate shine of the fuller and healthy hair

    * Root biotech HW:
    An extract from a hairy root culture from basil helps to treat hair loss, rejuvenate the scalp and ensure fuller hair.

    * Black pearl extract:
    This rare and high valued ingredient helps restore Cysteine to the damaged hair, leaving hair healthier, stronger and fight against hair breakage and hair loss.

    * Black Caviar Extract:
    Luxurious French Caviar Extract is very rich in nutritive elements and proteins which have an affinity to the hair thus present conditioning properties; amino acids are also essential for hair. The Black Caviar Extract will help revitalize dry, dull and brittle hair for a beautiful and shiny hair.

    * Black Truffle Extract:
    Black Truffle from France is often called the “Black Diamond” as its rich and powerful scent and nutrients. The Black Truffle Extract has antioxidant properties, natural proteins and amino acids, which are compounds capable of improving hair moisturization.

    * Inoveol ®EGCG
    The best Detox agent from the enzyme process of Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG), a Green Tea Leaf Extract, enhancing its qualities. LibraGen Research Institute in France has invented an anti-ageing substance with high water content, stability, and purity using properties of green tea that has long been favored in Asia. The health miracle of EGCG is that green tea contains high-quality antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, collagen degradation inhibiting, molecules.

    * Dust Detoxifier
    The next step of biotechnological development, carbohydrates from corn starch is fermented with specific microbials and extracted for BIOSACCHARIDE GUM-4, a natural coating substance that acts like an outer shell for your hair. It’s Pollustop-Anti dust properties reduces the induction chance of pollution from dust and smoke from sticking to your hair and scalp. This prevents hair from drying out, a cause of hair loss, and leaves no residue that causes itching.

    * UV Detoxifier
    A new innovation for hair protection, especially from UV. Filter for Hair c

    hick Serum nourishes the hair with a thicker, healthier, longer-lasting hair that acts as a moisturizer for the scalp, protects you from dust, sun, and pollution for 24 hours. Stretch bending use of styling products The heat from the hair dryer often. The hair is weak, brittle, and fall off. The hair loss problem has many causes, both from the genes that cause both men and women. Hair Loss Problems From Hormonal Disorders Hair loss patch. Caused by the immune system The lack of nutrients or minerals. Hair loss from stress. And chronic illness And the hair loss caused by the use of Loquat leaf extract. Innovation from Japan The main extract from the leaves of lactose is Corosolic acid, which is a substance that helps hair. Can fix hair and hair loss. It also helps to increase the thickness of the hair. When the substance is applied on the scalp, the substance goes straight to the hair roots. To help grow. In addition, it prevents gray hair. Stop signs of aging for hair. And because of the nature. Procapil ™ is a substance that reduces hair loss. Biotinyl GHK-Citrus and Olive Tree Leaves. Research by Sederma, France. Have medical experiments To reduce hair loss. The benefits of Procapil ™ are that it gives the hair better adhesion to the scalp. Root biotech HW is a plant extracts of Basil's basil, which helps to reduce fallout. Of the hair by enzyme inhibition. 5α-reductase * and stimulates the breakdown of Dermal Papilla Cell. The problem of hair loss in both men and women is caused by the sex hormone 5α-reductase. This condition occurs only when the age is higher. RootBioTec HW Prevents hair loss, helps thickening hair, stimulates hair cell regeneration (* 5α-reductase Enzyme is the key to inhibit hair loss. This enzyme changes the testosterone to DHT. If it is inhibited, it will increase the number of cells that begin to develop into the hair follicle to divide and create the next hair.) Black pearl extract black pearl Tahitian Pearl is the best South Sea pearl. The relatively large size is found in the Polynesia Islands of the Pacific Ocean. France The pearl is beautiful and colorful, especially black is very expensive. It contains 18 essential amino acids, including many minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium Zinc, Iron-Strontium-Copper-Selenium-Silicon-Titanium and Cystine Amino Acids. (Cystine) in black pearl is Amino acid. The replacement of Cystine found in the hair perfectly. Helps me to be healthy, not lose easily lose health, good hair. Flexible Black Caviar Extract Caviar Egg is an egg derived from Sturgeon fish, which usually lives in the Caspian Sea. This caviar extract is extracted from fish called Acipenser Baerii, Siberian Sturgeon fish and the only specie that is allowed to cultivate in France. By this roe. Palmitic Acid - Oleic Acid (Omega9) - Linoleic Acid (Omega6) - Arachidonic Acid helps to soften the hair. Make your hair look healthy, soft, smooth, reduce dryness and tangle. Vitamin A-D helps keep hair healthy. Reduce the deficit Restores the hair. Black truffle Extract Truffle mushroom is a high-priced mushroom. Nowadays, it is used in medicine. Lactic acid, linoleic-palmitic-oleic acids and phytosterols such as Brassicaterol and ergosterol can be converted into vitamins. Good when exposed to ultraviolet light. Antioxidant Pollution Moisturizer and cell booster to nourish the skin and hair to moisturize. Inoveol EGCG The best detox is from the enzyme process. Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG), an extract of green tea leaves. LibraGen Research Institute from France has developed anti-aging compounds with high water content. Stable and high purity.


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    6X Revive Thickening Hair Serum Energizing Scalp Serum 30 ml Hair Loss

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